Title: 5 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People
Context: UX folks need to be able to communicate their ideas. Presenting is a part of communicating. Ergo, watch this.
Synopsis: People make presenting a lot harder on themselves than it actually needs to be. The reason why is because we mistakenly believe that a good presentation is about us; the presenter. Nonsense! The difference between a crap presentation and a really good one is that the presenter realizes that the presentation is all about his audience. What do they want to hear about? What questions do they want answered? What do they need to see and hear in order to understand? Instead we selfishly think about ourselves. How am I going to present this material? What am I going to say? Once you learn to put the audience first, crafting – and delivering – a top shelf presentation experience is all downhill from there…wait…I didn’t put that right…
Best Bit: “If the slides are hard to read, if they’re complicated, if there’s a lot of text on them then the visual channel is going to be distracting. The visual channel trumps auditory.”

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