Title: You Cannot Think Like Thy Users
Context: Think you know what your users need? Think again.
Synopsis: Of course your opinions matter when you are designing a product. I mean that’s why we get paid the big bucks, right?* We’re the design experts. Without us users would be locked in a miserable world of toil and drudgery devoid of the illumination of our keen UX insight. We know what’s best for our users. We make their world work. Up until the precise moment that we confuse ourselves for our users. Yes our opinions matter and it is specifically our job to make user experience decisions but it is decidedly not our job to make those decisions based solely on our opinions. The difference between design and art is the debt designers owe to their audience. Art is a selfish act of pure emotional expression whereas design is a selfless act of aesthetically functional empathy. Stop pretending to be your user and start designing for them instead.
Best Bit: “You already know all about your services; your users don’t. You carry the passion for your business identity; your users don’t.”

*Actual size of bucks may vary.

via idyeah.com