Title: Designing Windows 8 or: How to Redesign a Religion
Context: Windows 8 claims to be platform agnostic. Here’s how they challenged the gods of Windows.
Synopsis: So Microsoft is coming out with another version of Windows. You there, with the Vista install, get out of the fetal position and take a look at this. It’s pretty damn nice. Yes, I’m serious. Why do most designer-type people not take Microsoft seriously? Because the reality has rarely ever lived up to the hype. Especially when contrasted with the output of Infinity Loop. But even a cursory glace at this latest design effort seems to suggest that they have finally paid as much attention to the steak as to the sizzle. Allowing interaction and visual design to run rampant over the staid Microsoft pedigree has yielded a new user experience model so fresh that they may have just finally found a way to silence their critics, and please the hell out of their users to boot. So do you still want to discount the design chops of Microsoft? Then you just might have to do so at your own peril these days…
Best Bit: “There’s a billion people, and pizza’s your only option. That’s what it’s like designing Windows.”

via gizmodo.com