Title: The Invisible Side of Design
Context: Design should never be about the designer. It is always about the user.
Synopsis: The best designs do not even exist for users. Which is exactly why it is so damn hard to to design great products for people. Getting the hell out of someone’s way is a very tough thing to do for a designer. We like to be noticed. We want people to tell us how great our designs are. But actually, our best efforts should probably go completely unnoticed. We should never insert ourselves in between a person and their goal. Bad design calls attention to itself. Good design is ethereal. Bad design is about style. Good design is about substance. One group of artists who are very good at remaining “invisible” are writers. Their very success depends on the ability to remove themselves from a reader’s consideration so they can focus everything on the experience of the story. That’s what designers should do more of. Compelling people with engrossing stories so that they barely notice the process of achieving goals. It’s almost too easy…
Best Bit: “Our workflow is poisoned with search for existing solutions.”

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