Title: Why We Sketch
Context: A picture is worth a thousand words which should be reason enough to sharpen your sketching pencils.
Synopsis: I knew an elementary school teacher once who told me “The problem with adults is that we forget what we are capable of. Ask a room full of kindergarten kids ‘who here can draw?’ and everyone in the room raises their hand. Ask the same question to a room full of adults and almost no one raises their hand.” How sad that an act as primal, universal and indeed fun, as drawing becomes something to be feared and avoided as we develop a self-conscious aversion to visual expression and communication with age. “I can’t draw a straight line.” “I can barely draw a stick figure.” Oh yeah? So what. That’s all you need to communicate most ideas visually: crooked lines and stick figures. Sketching is not art (although it can rise to that level with enough practice) it is about clarity and simplification and consensus. Do not fear the whiteboard, embrace it and draw with the self confidence of a kindergartener. Your collaborators will thank you for it.
Best Bit: “We’ve learned that the effectiveness of the communication that matters more than the neatness of the artwork.”

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