Title: The Difference Between UI and UX
Context: People are often confused by the difference between UI and UX. I’m assuming it’s all those U’s that are the problem.
Synopsis: Long story short: UI is not UX. Nor is the reverse true. While both are extremely important in making sure that your product doesn’t suck, they are not the same thing no matter how much less complicated it would make your understanding of digital design if they were. User interface design is responsible for the rules governing the behavior of the layer between the user and the system that allows the manipulation of that system. User experience design on the other hand describes the procedural transaction of data and dialogue between the user and the system. UX is the language, UI is the grammar, and together, they allow people and tools to communicate even though their native tongues are (generally) incompatible. And that’s all U need to know about that (see what I did there?)
Best Bit: “In reality, the product is not the sum of its parts; the experience is.”

via designshack.co.uk