Title: Method: Eight Things Stand-Up Comedy Teaches Us About Innovation
Context: Laughter is the best innovation medicine.
Synopsis: Stop me if you’ve heard this one: So a UX designer and his horse walk into a bar… Oh, you’ve already heard that one? Good, because I can’t remember the punch line. But back to the mater at hand: Comedy and its relationship to innovation. Oh it exists. Mark my words it exists. Making people laugh and making them squeal with delight at your new product touches a lot of the same nerves (not that I’ve ever actually heard anyone squeal with delight over a new product, but you get the point). Looking at things differently. Deep and intuitive understanding of the human condition. A sometime childish predilection for flatulence jokes. OK, maybe not the last one so much but you get the point. So the next time you’re looking for a little innovation inspiration pretend you’re telling an hilarious joke. And if you can remember why that UX designer and his horse were in a bar, please let me know. It’s killing me that I don’t know…
Best Bit: “Few comedians during the past 50 years have survived by merely telling a series of jokes. Instead, most are excellent storytellers. Good comedians and designers constantly play with the expectations that are built into the patterns of storytelling.”

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