Title: How Print Design is the Future of Interaction
Context: The need to move beyond outdated real-world UI metaphors requires us to look towards print design for salvation. Wait…What?!?!
Synopsis: Why oh why can’t we leave behind stylized interface design elements like wood grain veneer and brushed aluminum finishes? Does a button on my screen really need to look like a doorbell for me to figure out that it’s something I can click on? Haven’t we been there? Didn’t we already do that? But wait! I see hope on the horizon as we rage against the dying of the pixel and it comes in a CMYK cloak. Yes, print design. The oft maligned granddaddy of the visual design world. Nobody reads print anymore you say? That’s not the point. What print design does brilliantly that interaction design seems to have trouble wrapping its head around is that the master of us all is pure and simple information. Not bevels and drop shadows. Information. And that’s a valuable lesson that we can all learn from our elders.
Best Bit: “…the rendering of artifacts has outlived its usefulness as the definitive approach to UI design. As Designers we should be critiquing it for what it often is: shallow, meaningless, and often distracting from the information it surrounds.”

via kruzeniski.com