Title: The Psychologist’s View of UX Design
Context: A head shrink tells you what’s going on in the heads of people using the devices we are trying to shrink.
Synopsis: User experience designers and psychologists share a fascination with the inner workings of people’s brains. Why do people do what they do with the tools they are given? Why do they respond certain ways to certain stimuli? Where do people go to seek out information and answers? These are the foundational building blocks of both our professions, which is what makes a psychologist’s perspective of UX so fascinating. Being a student of people’s behavior is a shared passion but while we try and build experiences that fill people’s behavioral needs, our medically trained counterparts are more interested in the causal end of the behavioral spectrum. The chance to get some insight into our profession from our more organically inclined brethren is always an enlightening experience.
Best Bit: “Whoever is designing the UX makes errors too, so make sure that there is time and energy for iteration, user feedback, and testing.”

via uxmag.com