Title: Building Industrial Strength User Experience
Context: It’s probably around 10% of your budget, but you might want to get more than 10% of your people on board with it.
Synopsis: So the conventional wisdom for building an effective user experience team within your organization is to hire a bunch of UX designers and researchers, get them in line behind an executive champion who sets the agenda and strategic execution and you are all set. Not so fast there sparky. That’s the easy part. The hard sell comes in getting each and every other person in your company to not only expect UE input at every stage of the development lifecycle, but also to understand how traditional workflows need to adjust their behavior to allow for the necessary time and effort that goes into user experience that adds value. This is also known as process. Rather than being seen as either mechanics who step in and make a few adjustments here and there when things break down or as creative sages who deliver design edicts from on high without getting our hands dirty, we must become ingrained into the day to day activities across the whole business in order to have prolonged and measurable impacts.
Best Bit: “An industrial strength usability practice is NOT just a lot of really smart UX staff.”

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