Hopefully you can help me out. Here’s the story (no pun intended):

I am a regular at the Ignite events in Dublin (http://ignite.oreilly.com/dublin/). There have been 6 so far and I have spoke at all of them, so needless to say I am totally out of things to say. With the 7th one coming up in a few days I need a little help. I am fascinated by storytelling as a communication tool, as social glue and a device for propelling people into action. My hope is to deliver the first Ignite crowdsourced presentation (assuming no on else has ever done one before). The subject of the presentation is storytelling and the content are other people’s stories. I am entitling my talk “20 Short Slides At Ignite Dublin”.

All I need for you is a single slide and/or a short story that can fit into 15 seconds (the duration that each slide is on screen for). The total presentation holds 20 slides but I will need to save a few for setup and conclusion so I am looking for about 15 other contributors. I’m not 100% sure what this will wind up looking like in the end, but the goal is to collect the 15 short stories and organize them into a larger meta story narrative that will hopefully make total sense in context.

Will this work? Who knows? It’s my ass on the line so no worries or pressure on yourself.

Your slide/story can be credited or anonymous, whichever you prefer just let me know what you would like. As for subject matter, that is totally up to you. Go crazy. Be funny. Be sad. Be boring. I am as eager as yourself to see how this comes out.

Thanks again!