Title: Terry Border at Gel 2008
Context: The things that we make are the stories we tell. However, nobody ever said that those stories need to be boring ones.
Synopsis: If you’ve never seen Terry Border’s art you are missing out on one of photography’s most irreverent practitioners and an unparalleled storyteller to boot. What Terry eventually realized, as he toiled through a series of soul crushing day jobs, was that the burden of stoic and unfulfilling work was no way to go through life. Eventually finding his niche in small scale sculpture he began to express himself through a brilliant amalgam of found object art and photography wrapped in multifaceted stories juxtaposed in a world of puns, sight gags and outrageous humor. The point of this is that everything that we do and make tells a story. Everything. And there is absolutely nothing forcing you to tell those stories in boring or trite or tedious ways. Find your inner voice – the one that sets you apart and that your friends love – and express your stories through that vernacular. At the very least you’ll like your job more. Just like Terry.
Best Bit: “He’s got the toilet paper on his shoe. He’s feeling really wiped out, had a bidet. His boss is kind of an ass.”

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