Title: The Stories We Construct
Context: Telling a great story is hard. Constructing it is even harder.
Synopsis: Very attractive and breezy presentation by the maker of Mental Notes brainstorming cards (http://getmentalnotes.com/) that tries to describe the process we – and out brains – go through when constructing stories. We often think that we are the masters of our process but it is interesting to note all of the external and unseen forces that inform our narrative. From biology to environment to intent to subject matter to past experiences, the complexity of emotion and logic that drives us to define the stories we tell in relation to ourselves is both deep and wide. While almost impossible to quantify it does not mean that we should not seek to try and understand these influences. After all, the more we can understand about the how we create the stories that we tell, the better we will understand the things that emerge from those stories.
Best Bit: “In many states, home sellers are required by law to disclose if a murder previously took place in the house.” I did not know that…

via slideshare.net