Title: Interview – Tim Brown, CEO and president of IDEO – WEF 2011
Context: The World Economic Forum at Davos. It’s not just for economists anymore.
Synopsis: Tim Brown holds forth in a video chat with a student from Parsons School of Design on a wide range of design issues such as development in India, design education, design thinking and how it scales to address problems from micro to macro in scope such as the current financial crisis. There’s a few gems in there mostly about the opportunities for – and shortcomings of – designers in helping to address the complexity of modern life by providing alternative viewpoints via a multiplicity of potential solutions for given problem sets. In short, it’s a great time to be a designer because our skills are increasingly in demand, not just in traditional design disciplines, but also in other areas where traditional thinking has stagnated or is unable to attack the problem from an alternative mindset. So go forth and solve fellow designers. The world needs you.
Best Bit: “A lot of the quality of our government services are poor because the user experience is poor not because the basic idea is wrong.”

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